Yours Always

Yours Always by Wendy Lawrance front cover image.

Yours Always – A Second World War romantic novel

Yours Always is the sequel to Light and Darkness by Wendy Lawrance

It’s more than twenty years since the end of the First World War, and for most people, it’s little more than a distant memory of trenches, lice and noise, and friendships forged to last a lifetime. For Harry Belmont, the nightmares keep it more alive than that, and they continue to haunt him, despite his peaceful existence on the Cornish coast, with his beautiful wife, Elise and daughter, Amy.

Now, as tragedy brings Harry back to his childhood home, war looms again; only this time, the fight belongs to the next generation and, Harry must sit and wait… and worry, as the sons of his dearest friends take up arms. They turn to him for help and advice, because he knows, better than any of them, the true cost of war, but when faced with the possibility of a loss much closer to home, who will be there for Harry?

Yours Always is a story of love, loss, secrets and remembrance, told during the dark days of the Second World War, from the point of view of the young men and women who must take up the fight, and the older generation, who know what it means to sacrifice everything, and are now being asked to do so again… in the name of their children.

Kindle: £1.99

Paperback: £11.00

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