Light and Darkness

Light and Darkness by Wendy Lawrance front cover image.

Light and Darkness – A First World War romantic novel

Light and Darkness is a story of love, death, fear and sacrifice told before, during and after the First World War, featuring the haunting journey of Harry Belmont from the light of trust and happiness to the darkness of his worst nightmares.

For years, Harry had dreamt of settling down and becoming an artist and, following his marriage to Bella and the birth of their child, his dreams begin to take shape. However, when tragedy strikes, Harry’s world and dreams are soon shattered. With the outbreak of the First World War, Harry tries to forget his personal despair, puts duty first and goes to fight for his country, finding his life altered beyond his wildest imaginings. Harry’s life takes a different direction with new beginnings and great friendships formed in the mud of Northern France, but misery is never far away and a traumatic future awaits, bringing Harry even greater heartache than even he had thought possible.

Kindle: £1.99

Paperback: £9.99

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